PTV * Planung Transport Verkehr AG

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Main contact: Thomas Benz,

Role in Amitran:

  • Leader of WP5: Open interface development

Services/field of expertise:

  • Traffic management / ITS
  • Transportation planning / Traffic engineering
  • Transport route planning
  • Trip planning and optimisation
  • Geomanagement & Sales Force Management
  • Developer Components
  • Navigation
  • Consulting


Short overview of the organisation:

The PTV Group provides cutting-edge software technology and consulting to enable customers to meet their mobility needs. It helps people plan and manage traffic and transportation, provides them with the latest traffic reports and assists them in optimising their long-term resource allocation. Since 1979, the independent corporate group has been a leading provider of products and solutions for travel, traffic and transportation planning.

Role in Amitran:

PTV will specify and adapt/implement interfaces of models. It is the leader of WP5 on open interface development.

Other projects (related to Amitran):

PTV had been involved in eIMPACT, a European project that assessed the impacts of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and in PRE-DRIVE C2X with the lead of the work package developing an integrated simulation tool set for evaluating cooperative systems. Currently PTV is a partner in DRIVE C2X with a major contribution to the evaluation sub-project and in ECOSTAND which coordinates the global activities in assessing ITS measures for their environmental impacts. In this area, PTV is also involved in the European project eCoMove.

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